Chopova Lowena

Chopova Lowena is known for its harmonious juxtapositions, subtly combining modernity and nostalgia, luxury and kitsch, craftsmanship and humour. Skin-tight layers of brightly printed mesh are paired with their signature Bulgarian pleats in wool and nylon. Big, sturdy belts double as mini-skirts underneath delicate harnesses made from metal hardware. Voluminous, puffy sleeves embellish the utilitarian outerwear. Leather is stamped with humorous safety instructions, while trophy flags capture absurd clichés.
Chopova Lowena has an anthropological approach to design, observing traditional customs and reimagining them through a modern lens. Their design ethos stems from a desire to work with niche and forgotten techniques, and to collaborate with craftsmen in small Eastern-European and English communities. By working closely with skilled artisans, they aim to preserve disappearing crafts.
Chopova Lowena is a London-based brand founded by Emma Chopova and Laura Lowena, who graduated from the MA Fashion at Central Saint Martins in 2017 with the Samsung Fashion and Design Fund and the L’Oréal Professional Bursary. The same year, they were finalists in the H&M Design Award. In 2018, they won the OTB Award at International Talent Support (ITS). They also collaborated on a book called Kukeri with Charlotte Wales, Agata Belcen and Jamie Reid, featuring their AW18 collection, published by Claire De Rouen books.Their work has been featured in AnOther Magazine, Dazed, i-D, Re-Edition, Vogue Italia, Replica, Print Publication, and Riposte, among others.

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