Chopova lowena juxtaposes folklore and sportswear with a concentration on sustainability and craft. Their anthropological approach to design is defined by observations and modernization of traditional textiles, crafts and techniques. Using nuanced intersections between worlds and themes they seamlessly collate references from bulgarian folklore to 1980s rock climbing. They strive for their designs to honour these references, but also to create something completely hybrid. In accomplishing their aesthetic vision, they prioritize sustainability through the utilization of recycled materials and deadstock textiles, often in the form of pillowcases and aprons. Their ethical dogma translates to their employment of skilled female artisans employed in bulgaria. Through the cultivations of a community of seamstresses they are able to create job opportunities for women passionate about rejuvenating cultural heritage through the preservation of traditional techniques. The objective of their design and production of distinctive garments is to usher in a system of ethical consumption with a focus on appreciating skill, craft, time and consideration for impact on the environment.